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Chris Leuenberger

Dance & Yoga 


Chris is a freelance dancer, choreographer and 500 hour RYT yoga teacher.

Based in Bern, Switzerland, he collaborates with different artists, performs for others and continues to develop his own choreographic language inspired by the rhythms and sounds of breath. 

Parallell to his artistic quest he teaches workshops, retreats and yoga classes both locally and internationally. 


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Chris’ yoga classes are based on the Astanga Vinyasa method. Individual asanas are coordinated with the breath and linked with each other like a dance. This flowing style of yoga can be quite dynamic or more meditative depending on the level of the students and the desired effects of the class.


In his classes and workshops he often includes elements of meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) as well as sound explorations. 

“I wish to help people connect with their creative source and inspire them to be themselves -
with bravery and grace.”

Chris Leuenberger

Chris Leuenberger, Pappelweg 42, 3013 Bern, Switzerland


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