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Jihae and Chris invite you to their summer retreat SENSORY BODY LANDSCAPE in Cursolo.

The small mountain village of Cursolo lies high above the Cannobina Valley in Piedmont, halfway between Locarno and Domodossola.

Imagine a wooden yoga deck floating above green treetops with a fantastic view of the valley and the surrounding hills and mountains. Lush, breathtaking landscapes, fresh mountain streams and waterfalls.

In the spirit of summer, we connect with the abundance of nature, with our senses and our innate creative energy. Through breathwork, somatic movement and practices of contemplation, we delve into a state of presence and inquiry.

What moves the body? What lets us become quiet and present? What heals us?

On leisurely walks through shady chestnut, beech and birch woods, we discover unique energy spots, where we practice listening with all our senses. Rooted in our breath and the sensory body, we feel inward and outward to move with and be moved by the natural elements.

What happens when we let ourselves be moved by the energy of a gurgling mountain brook?

Or when we stand still with tall trees, rooting down to follow their movement upward towards the light?

Let us dedicate a small dance to the spirit of the wind. Or to the peaceful Mount Riga, watching over us day and night.

Emphasising the interconnection between humans and nature as energy, our practice is inspired by the initial purpose of dance—bringing communities together and establishing a connection with nature.

Arrival: Thursday afternoon

Departure: Sunday afternoon


Jihae Ko is a registered acupuncturist, somatic therapist, artist and researcher based in Amsterdam. She has a diverse background in contemporary dance & choreography, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & energy healing. She works across disciplines, using the body as the central element to bridge art and healing. She brings her expertise through sensory energy practices. She is a co-founder of Medicine Body Studio where she facilitates ongoing sessions, workshops and research.

Chris Leuenberger is a breathwork facilitator, dance artist and yoga teacher based in Bern and Cursolo. Since 2008 he has worked as a freelance performer and choreographer in the independent scene. Besides his artistic projects, he has taught at yoga studios in Bern and co-organised retreats in Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Currently he facilitates breathwork modalities like the monthly Breath Lab in Bern as well as group and 1:1 sessions (both in-person and online). He also hosts retreats and residencies for artistic and somatic research in nature in Cursolo.


Seeing & being seen

Feeling & being felt

Hearing & being heard

Moving & being moved


As a doorway to come back to our own body

Where we belong, feel safe and trust

Energy body

Where we discover an open landscape

reflecting nature.

-Jihae Ko


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